MIYANO-YU is a place to pay homage to history

    The cafe under renovation of a more than 70-year-old public bathhouse.

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    Public bathhouse [Miyanoyu] opened in 1951 and is a historic facility that has been a favorite of the local people.


    Overcoming the rough and tumble of the early postwar years, this place has continued to keep people connected as a place of communication in the community.


    Then, in 2008, the 57-year history of the public bathhouse came to an end once and for all, but in 2021 [Cafe MIYANO-YU] opened as a new community place.



    We will take over the name of MIYANO-YU and recreate the role that public bathhouses once played as the center of the local community in the modern age.

    Through various creators and events, we aim to become a new symbol of the city and a place for transmitting new culture that transcends the boundaries between “age and generation,” “locals and tourists,” and “Japan and the rest of the world.

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    The matcha we offer is a rare organic matcha [Okumidori] from Shizuoka Prefecture. It is characterized by its bright color and robust flavor.

    We hope you will enjoy our original matcha drink, which you cannot find anywhere else.


    All of our coffee beans are specialty coffee, roasted in-house, and we only use delicious seasonal selections.